Are our spooks distracted by social media?

It's obvious Media and politics had become distracted by social media. You know it, I know it, they know it.

But f**k it, its more interesting than the daily grind of traditional analysis. For example have you seen how thick a copy of the Sunday Times is these days, it's practically equivalent to a session at the gym just to lug it home from the newspaper shop of a morning.

Reading it cover to cover takes you right through to the next Sunday. A tweet is so much more succinct.

But more unpleasantly it seems that while our intelligence services were spending vast amounts of cash shovelling tweets, and pokes and pictures of fapping off yahoo webcam chats into their archive, that Russia was busy planning world war III

The basic failure of the intelligence services, is not so much that they were obviously collecting personal and private data on mass, but that in their fervour to establish and enable these dubious activities, they actually failed to do the job which they are there for.

If we are all killed in nuclear armageddeon, I've trained a cockroach to talk, it will say "I told you so" to anyone who manages to survive.

p.s. I'm joking, that was all a setup for the speaking cockroach joke.

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