refreshing a nagios configuration

I've got a nagios box that I setup years ago, and now that there are going to be some substantial platform changes I need to revisit the configuration. Unfortunately what I see there is not a sensible hierarchy of monitors and alerts, but a morass of services, hostgroups, servicegroups and other obscure nagios-language directives.

I haven't got a good reason to try and swap another some other network monitoring tool, so it looks like I am going to have to spend a few hours re-grokking the documentation for nagios (which has upped a version to 3.2.x since I last looked)

Here goes...

Howto: backup to object store using duplicity

Warning: this is only a demonstration, and the hpcloud is only a beta trial! dont rely on this to backup your important data. However...

I managed to get duplicity working with the object store without any changes, just some close reading of the hpcloud documentation on legacy authentication support.