If twitter is Ham-radio for normals, then differencebetween.info is ...?

My pet thesis is that there is absolutely nothing new about the internet (I mean as opposed to smoke signals and hieroglyph), except for 2 things:

1) maintaining the persistent weak links in networks and 2) integrated search (or probably more accurately ubiquitous, pandemic indexes... meaning the pulling out, and structuring of data into information from disparate sources)

Hence I take an interest in things that I think are really just something old, dressed up in jQuery or social media, and presented as new.

(I particularly hate the application of the word "cloud" to everything in tech and calling it new. "Hey, come and see our new "cloud" app"... what that thing this is your old desktop app with some marketing guff and a "cloud-" prefix..)

a very funky book

I bought this item from AbeBooks.co.uk for 0.92GBP plus shipping. for a total of 4.46.

I think the previous owner had it stored in some pretty dank conditions. It's got a quite severe musty funk to it.