a very funky book

I bought this item from AbeBooks.co.uk for 0.92GBP plus shipping. for a total of 4.46.

I think the previous owner had it stored in some pretty dank conditions. It's got a quite severe musty funk to it.

There is some mold damage, and its a bit dusty, but other than the mildew smell it's in pretty good shape.
The dust jacket was a lost cause, and was binned immediately.
Unfortunately the pungency is not going away despite being left out to air for more than a few days.

So after handling it a bit, the stink is getting on my hands and given I am planning to read it, this problem needs a solution before I do that.

Or maybe I could sit in the garage wearing rubber gloves to read it, and then burn it after.
I can imagine how that one might play out...

"Honestly officer, the reason I am standing naked, but for these rubber gloves, and burning a book with a large rainbow motif on the front is because....", "...a likely story... get in the back of the police van"

So despite what the Neville Brothers would have you believe I am planning to purchase some activated charcoal and kitty litter, and subject the book to those chemicals and hopefully to refute their assertion that you: Can't Stop the Funk by The Neville Brothers on Grooveshark

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