Research Log: rereading course text

I reread the Antibacterial Agents chapter from the course book;
Patrick, G. L. (2009) An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry, New York, Oxford University Press.

They are cheeky little things, those bacteria.

I was particularly looking for articles from Medicinal Chemistry journals, however I found this one from the "one stop search" at the OU library;
Kalia, Vipin Chandra (2013) ‘Quorum sensing inhibitors: An overview’, Biotechnology Advances, 31(2), pp. 224–245.

It's quite a lot of reading,  but it seems pretty comprehensive for a review of the mechanisms.

Research Log: Cardiac Glycosides

I am currently researching Cardiac Glycosides, and need to keep a "research diary" for an OU module

The final 3 papers I chose were these;

Gayed, Bishoy A., O’Malley, Katherine J., Pilch, Jan and Wang, Zhou (2012) ‘Digoxin Inhibits Blood Vessel Density and HIF-1a Expression in Castration-Resistant C4-2 Xenograft Prostate Tumors’, CTS: Clinical & Translational Science, 5(1), pp. 39–42.

Jensen, Marie, Schmidt, Steffen, Fedosova, Natalya U., Mollenhauer, Jan and Jensen, Henrik H. (2011) ‘Synthesis and evaluation of cardiac glycoside mimics as potential anticancer drugs’, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 19(7), pp. 2407–2417.

Slingerland, M., Cerella, C., Guchelaar, H. J., Diederich, M. and Gelderblom, H. (2013) ‘Cardiac glycosides in cancer therapy: from preclinical investigations towards clinical trials’, Investigational New Drugs, 31(4), pp. 1087–1094.

The paper by Gayed et al (2012) reports on an in-vivo experiment in which where tumour cells are grafted into adult male nude mice.

Jensen et al (2011) describe some novel synthetic cardiac glycoside compounds in a in-vitro cell line.

Slingerland, M. et al (2013) is a review article of the use of cardiac glycosides in anticancer medicinal chemistry.