total treatment, no detail is too small.

im thinking of something like this for a blog post...

The Quiet Health-Care Revolution -
"The elderly are prone to falls for many obvious reasons, including weak limbs, impaired vision, and medication side effects. But Dan’s doctors knew that some less obvious causes included shag carpets and long, untrimmed toenails. Because of this, they’d sent someone from the clinic to visit Dan’s apartment and make sure that his daughter replaced the 1980s-vintage carpets with low-pile rugs."

"Dan and his fellow clinic patients are one-fifth as likely as comparable patients elsewhere to suffer falls. "

German car model of healthcare

This kind of thing is worth thinking about, the kind of german car model of health care. Basically while we wait for fundamental breakthroughs, and major technologies with the 20%-30%-10% gains, there are loads of 1-0.5%, or even smaller gains, especially for old people where it matters most.

Basically once you have some bad injury, then typically its now a weak point on your body, so the idea above staves off old-person-fall injuries like broken wrists and shoulders which are really debilitating, and can be the end of their active part of their life.

How are you? I'm pre-ill thanks.

Its going to happen eventually, something bad, so you might as well be as healthy as possible when it happens so you can stand the treatment.

So I am thinking about continuous collection of body metrics, urine, weight, exercise, blood, etc. But the stupid thing about all the chemicals and machines to improve health, is that its just the basic stupid simple shit like managing day-to-day things better.

To start with, a yearly service. And its probably going to be expensive.

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