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While doing some research for another blog post it struck me that I could quite unfairly slap-in any image that suited my purposes, but that might display the subject in a quite unflattering light and I have almost unbounded (within the limits of copyright and photoshop) scope for naughtiness.
I've included copies of the images under the principle of "Research and Private study" of Section 29 of CDPA 1988 with links-back and acknowledgement in the Notes & References.)

I started writing some ideas for a post about the first episode of a BBC 4  radio programme called "The prisoner and the Bishop" by the Rt Rev James Jones, the Bishop of Liverpool, and as I've decided on a more structured approach for the article than previous efforts, this involved some research.

In order to create some visual impact I'm going to try to incorporate at least one chart or photo. I also wanted to get a sense of whether the reverend was an old style godist, whether he was Jeans and t-shirts down with the kids type, or some other as yet to be discovered species of senior institutional religionist.

So I proceeded to the web (google image search) to see what was available.

google image search (original)

The first thing that sprang to mind upon viewing the results for the Rt Reverend was how much latitude I have to grab* a photo that suits my personal characterisation of the Rt Rev James Jones.

I might want to illustrate my piece with this image of "A bit of a Tit" Rt Rev James Jones:

A bit Happy Clappy. (original)

a Serious Intellectual with some books. (original)

Or how about the "seriously intellectual" Reverend  Jones

Helping those most in need of spiritual guidance. (original)

Here is a practical working priest Rev Jones.

Preaching to the masses. With his Bible. (original)

And here is "best mates with Billy Graham" Reverend Jones.

I suspect it might be a bit harder if I wanted to characterise the Rt Reverend as "sleazy" or "corrupt", I found this one that might be the least flattering.

oooh sinister (original)

It might take a bit of work in Photoshop/GIMP in order to make it look really sinister.

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 * scarf,  nick, borrow until heavily criticised.

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