please join my petition to "Ban internet Perry"

In recent years there has been an alarming increase in what we refer to as "Claire Perry" on the internet.

Many people who subsequently became entrapped by the seductive logic of "Claire Perry" were only casual internet users, who stumble across some "Claire" in a chat room, or at the conservative national convention.

'There are many sad cases, where a politician, with ailing polling numbers and down on his luck, to turn to a bit of "Claire" to perk up his public profile, but then becomes addicted to "Claire" and having to keep going back for a bigger fix each time due to being accused of being soft* on child porn'

This is a two stage proposal, initially we are asking Internet Service providers to popup a warning when users search for dangerous terms like "deranged, untethered, divorced, Christian MILF"

In the second stage we hope to ban other offensively annoying fucktards such as "Michael Gove" and "George Monbiot"

* Whether it is a good thing to be accused of being "hard" on child porn is also dubious.

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