IT is a misnomer. It's no longer just information technology. It's really real technology. (draft)

(I was hoping this post made more sense, but now I've written it, I am not sure it captured the idea...)

I remember one of the early programming examples was to program a "library" database of books, authors, and lendings. Or how when google search returned relevant results (circa ~1998ish), allowing you to actually find the information you are looking for.

And then the dotcom boom of the early naughties, which promised to "create paradigm changing efficiencies".

But all that is just information technology facilitating existing industrial or commercial applications. Or in other words, a load of bollock-speak

I am about to get in a car running an embedded system, drive to a hospital where lives are sustained by computer controlled pumps and pacemakers.

When a person is killed by a missile from a predator controlled drone, they are not being killed by IT, they are being killed by really real technology.

I think the term "Information Technology", as in, "let's see what the IT department think", or "Do we have the IT for this?"

When you can scan and print 3d objects, send CAD files off by email and received working prototypes in the next days post. Then it's no longer just information.

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