Chef web app developer training - Part 2 (draft)

The purpose of this series of tutorials is to take web app developers through the basic knowledge necessary to create and maintain the cookbooks used to deploy web applications.

Here we create a host chef account, which provides a username and organization that we can use for the later tutorial steps. Once you have created the username at opscode, if you send it to me, I will enable it for access to the "class01" organization that contains the cookbooks for this tutorial.

This part of the tutorial is basically to complete the "Using a Chef Repo" tutorial from the getting started series. However it will serve as a basis for the next parts in this series.

The tutorial is here;

If you get stuck, watch the associated video;

After you have created a cookbook called "aliases" you should be able to call

$ knife cookbook list
aliases            0.1.0
apache2            1.6.2
apt                1.9.2
magic_shell        0.3.2
networking_basic   0.0.5

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