Chef web app developer training - roundup of parts 1-4

These are the requirements to complete for each part of the session; (replace tomhodder with your opscode username where appropriate)

part 1)

install git-bash from

install chef workstation windows client from;

part 1 check

demonstrate these 2 steps by opening "git bash" and running knife;

$ ~/Development/chef-repo (master)
$ knife -v
Chef: 11.4.0

part 2)

create a hosted chef user account -

download the pem and knife.rb files to your windows chef instance, following the tutorial in part 2

create a new cookbook called "aliases"

Upload it to your own hosted chef organization;
$ knife cookbook upload aliases

part 2 check

show the uploaded cookbook

$ knife cookbook list

part 3)

change the knife.rb file to point at the "class01" organization

list the cookbooks on the "class01" repository

part 3 check

$ knife cookbook show THIS_BE_THE_COOKBOOK 

part 4)

$ create cookbook tomhodder

$ upload cookbook tomhodder

part 4 check

$ knife cookbook show tomhodder
tomhodder   0.1.0

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