Chef web app developer training - Part 7 continued (draft)

The purpose of this series of tutorials is to take web app developers through the basic knowledge necessary to create and maintain the cookbooks used to deploy web applications.

Here we are going to create a data bag which we will shortly be consuming in a cookbook recipe.

We are going to create a databag on class01 named for your favourite sports team and add some players to it.

Part 7


1) setcloud class01

$ setcloud class01
values set for class01

2) change to your repo home directory

$ cd ~/Development/chef-repo

3) make directory for the team name

$ mkdir -p data_bags/everton

4) add a player

create a file in data_bag/everton/neville-southall.json

"id": "neville-southall",
"position": "goalie"

5) load the data bag from the file;

$ knife data bag from file everton  data_bags/neville-southall.json
Updated data_bag_item[everton::neville-southall

6)  examine the new data bag and the list

$ knife data bag list

$ knife data bag show everton

$ knife data bag show everton neville-southall -Fj
  "position": "goalie",
  "id": "neville-southall"

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