Chef developer training - Part 4 (draft)

The prerequisites for Part 4 are to complete part 3, and to have a username associated with opscode.

Please ensure you can do the following steps from "git bash"

$ knife cookbook show THIS_BE_THE_COOKBOOK

part 4

1) change into the chef-repo directory that you created in previous steps;

$ cd ~/Development/chef-repo/

2) to set proper attribution and author on newly created cookbooks in knife.rb;

cookbook_email ""
cookbook_copyright "Not released"
cookbook_license "Internal only"

3) New create a new cookbook for the purposes of this KT session. The cookbook should have the same name as your opscode user account, for example;

$ knife cookbook create tomhodder
** Creating cookbook tomhodder
** Creating README for cookbook: tomhodder
** Creating CHANGELOG for cookbook: tomhodder
** Creating metadata for cookbook: tomhodder

4) upload this cookbook to the "class01" organization on hosted chef

$ knife cookbook upload tomhodder
Uploading tomhodder      [0.1.0]
Uploaded 1 cookbook.

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