Chef developer training (Part 3 steps)

Right now you should have an opscode username, like "tomhodder".

If you are following the tutorials and wish to access the finished versions of the cookbooks, please send your opscode username to me, and I will add you to the "class01" organization.

If you are not following the tutorials, and do not wish to share your opscode username, then please use your alternative organization instead of the "class01" where relevant.

In order to follow the next steps, please open your knife.rb file and make the following change:

chef_server_url          ""

chef_server_url          ""

you should then run

$ knife cookbook list

and the output should be...

aliases                0.1.0
apache2                1.6.2
apt                    1.9.2
magic_shell            0.3.2
networking_basic       0.0.5

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